Decolonization, what does your heart have to say?

Decolonization, what does your heart have to say?
with Rodrigo Martinez Romero

Self-reflexivity is an important aspect of being able to support others. In this masterclass together with Rodrigo Martinez we become more conscious of and explore institutional and personal colonial patterns through an embodied and heart-driven approach.

Purpose and content
The objective of this masterclass is to learn about your own struggles and breakthroughs to better serve people in need in amsterdam, to expand awareness of your own decolonization process through a heart-driven, embodied approach and to work on your own ‘leadership skills’ through the 7 step Spiritual Politics model.

On the master
Rodrigo Martinez Romero is a facilitator and co-initiator of the Spiritual Politics Lab, a research and innovation center for political leadership education. As a creative artist, trainer of changemakers, and researcher on spiritual politics, Rod advocates for vulnerability, a socially engaged academia, and the recovery of the soul as a valid domain of learning. His aim is to restore balance and health in social systems and contribute to healing social and personal wounds.

For whom?
Anyone interested in the subject, in particular volunteers, trainees, experiential experts, caregivers, professionals, managers, officials and politicians.

Keizersgracht 334
1016 EZ Amsterdam

Time investment
3 hours (including a break)

Study material
Does not apply

Number of places
The course can accommodate up to 25 participants.

Certificate of attendance


Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 334
1016 EZ Amsterdam


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